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Electrical Regulations

Posted on February 17, 2018 at 9:15 AM Comments comments (3171)
All Electrical workers are bound by a number of rules and regulations to ensure any electrical work carried out is done so in a safe and efficient manner. Many home handymen feel that an electricians job is a simple one and often attempt to carry out works themselves. Even though an electrical job carried out by an unqualified person may seem to be ok, there is a very good chance that there are a number of breaches of the electrical regulations, therefore creating an unnecessary safety risk. AS/NZS 3000 are a set of wiring rules which are amended on a continuous basis, and form the base rules which must be adhered to. A new version of these rules is undergoing a review, with the final date of being published hopefully in June 2018, with these rules coming into affect in 2019. As qualified electricians, we need to be familiar with these rules and any conseqent changes in earlier work standards. A very simple example of a change which will be taking affect is that all final circuits in a domestic premises must be protected by and Residual Current Device (RCD), this means that from 2019, circuits which in the past did not require RCD protection will now need to be protected. eg ovens, airconditioners, pumps etc. Feel free to ask us any questions about electrical regulations, and contact us if you have had any works carried out at your premises that you feel may have been carried out by unqualified personnel.